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How to Upgrade Your Living Room

When revamping your house, the first place to consider is your living room. You want the living room to be your sanctuary; however, you don’t want to forego style for comfort. Fortunately, refreshing your living room’s aesthetic shouldn’t be an expensive affair. Here are four easy and effective ways of upgrading your living room.

Switch up the coffee table

Most homeowners have the coffee table as their living room’s centerpiece; thus, swapping it with a new model can greatly impact the whole space. You can get a coffee table with interior compartments for storing glassware, books, or anything you’d like to keep. The coffee table also experiences a lot of action such as scuff marks, dings, and stains over the years; thus, it’s wise to replace it.

Switch up Lighting

Lighting sets the mood, creates a more spacious outlook, and illuminates a color palette. Consider replacing your current bulbs with LED options to illuminate a dim living room. Other ways of refreshing your living room lighting may include painting the floor lamp’s base, trading lampshades, or attaching a new roof fixture. To create an ambient atmosphere, opt for a floor lamp with a drum shade evenly disbursing soft light.

Select the ideal TV Stand for the TV size

You’ll need a suitable stand to reap the most of your viewing experience. When refreshing your living room, ensure the stand matches its style and décor. If your living room has a contemporary style, a metallic or glass TV would be perfect.

The stand should also firmly support and accommodate your TV and components such as power cables, gaming consoles. Regarding the stand height, ensure your new TV stand is at your pupil’s level when you’re seated.

Restyle the storage

Whether you classify it as a sideboard, credenza, or buffet, such enclosed storage compartments are ideal for stashing clutter and can act as an incredible focal point. To get an elegant aesthetic, begin with matching lamps installed on every end and place some accessories in the center. Put a large piece of art above it to create a pyramidal composition that attracts the eye upward.

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Reading Nook Design Ideas

Sometimes schedules can get too tight and even getting five minutes to ourselves proves to be a hard thing to come by. However, we can have small spaces at home dedicated to peaceful activities like meditating or even reading. These wonderful spaces serve as perfect reminders to take it easy and take time off hectic schedules. Hence a reading nook is the perfect place for you to enjoy this. Here are some tips for you to create a relaxing reading nook.

Select the perfect spot for your reading nook

You can make use of spaces in your bedroom, hallway or the living room to create the perfect reading nook that you so yearn for. However, when making this selection consider comfort because if you pick a room with cramped spaces or a lot of disruptions you might end up loosing focus.

Comfortable chair

Pick a chair that not only allows you to sink in but also one that will offer you support for your back. You can also add pillows for that cozy feel but make sure that they are not too big so they don’t end up overcrowding your room and making it hard to move around. Additionally, avoid using pillows with beads or rough textured materials which can be a little uncomfortable.

Do away with the electronics

Electronics such as television and computers sometimes play a big role of distracting us while reading. So to deal with this, have your reading nook strategically placed away from these distractions.

Lighting is key

Ample lighting is very essential when setting up a reading nook but you need to make sure that lighting is not too much and overwhelming that it strains your eyes. Invest in good reading lamps or wall scones that are really helpful during nighttime or darker spaces. If you like to change positions as you read then you can get an adjustable lamp. Additionally, you have your reading nook next to a window or a skylight and enjoy that natural light as you read.

Add a table

Add a small table in your reading nook to allow you to place a hot cup of tea or coffee. You can also use the table to place decorative items that give your room a relaxing feel.

Other accessories you can add in your reading nook:

  • An electric mug warmer
  • An organizer especially for your books, reading glasses and magazines
  • A book case.

Looking for more tips? Tylko’s reading nook guide is highly recommended!

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Top Living Room Design Tips

Clueless about making your living room feel comfy? Gone are the stuffy parlors we used to call living rooms in the past. In the 21st century, the beauty of the living room matters. It’s the center of our homes and where we do anything. You can use so many styles, whether modern, traditional, relaxed, formal, subdued, or bold. Here are a few tips on how to redesign your living room.

Start with a Plan

The first step is not starting with pillows but a plan. Some people have stated that they began with pillows, which ruined the room’s look and comfort. Your room might host a party or a family event, and that’s where space comes to play. First, you need to understand what “Living” means to you. Is it a place that has media or a place where you are on your computers? You can then engage a professional to help you plan a furniture layout. This includes TV, and flat screens are making things easier.

Mix Light and Dark

When your living look is looking all white and bright, your guests or family members will feel it’s too ‘clean’ or unapproachable. Also, if it’s dark, it feels like a cave. The secret is mixing both light and dark. By mixing both, you create a dynamic look with depth and balance. Every space looks exponentially great with the inclusion of little white and black.

Harness the natural Light

If you have fantastic views through your living room windows, then you can turn them into the focus of your space. This is only a perfect idea if you don’t have a TV screen in that room. It is the best option if your living room has vast windows to fill the space with natural light. Dress the windows with gorgeous curtains.

Choose Movable Stools and Tables

Lightweight stools or tables that are easily movable make the living room more comfortable. They give your family many options, from putting their feet up, setting a drink, or inviting guests. Use smaller pieces such as footrests to allow movement from closer or farther from the seating. The side chairs should be movable, as well.

It’s essential to design your living room according to your favorite architectural style and pay attention to your room. Your living room should be comfortable and not just with a great look. The tips above will help make your living room look stunning and comfortable.

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