Day: January 8, 2021

How to Upgrade Your Living Room

When revamping your house, the first place to consider is your living room. You want the living room to be your sanctuary; however, you don’t want to forego style for comfort. Fortunately, refreshing your living room’s aesthetic shouldn’t be an expensive affair. Here are four easy and effective ways of upgrading your living room.

Switch up the coffee table

Most homeowners have the coffee table as their living room’s centerpiece; thus, swapping it with a new model can greatly impact the whole space. You can get a coffee table with interior compartments for storing glassware, books, or anything you’d like to keep. The coffee table also experiences a lot of action such as scuff marks, dings, and stains over the years; thus, it’s wise to replace it.

Switch up Lighting

Lighting sets the mood, creates a more spacious outlook, and illuminates a color palette. Consider replacing your current bulbs with LED options to illuminate a dim living room. Other ways of refreshing your living room lighting may include painting the floor lamp’s base, trading lampshades, or attaching a new roof fixture. To create an ambient atmosphere, opt for a floor lamp with a drum shade evenly disbursing soft light.

Select the ideal TV Stand for the TV size

You’ll need a suitable stand to reap the most of your viewing experience. When refreshing your living room, ensure the stand matches its style and décor. If your living room has a contemporary style, a metallic or glass TV would be perfect.

The stand should also firmly support and accommodate your TV and components such as power cables, gaming consoles. Regarding the stand height, ensure your new TV stand is at your pupil’s level when you’re seated.

Restyle the storage

Whether you classify it as a sideboard, credenza, or buffet, such enclosed storage compartments are ideal for stashing clutter and can act as an incredible focal point. To get an elegant aesthetic, begin with matching lamps installed on every end and place some accessories in the center. Put a large piece of art above it to create a pyramidal composition that attracts the eye upward.

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